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  29. This goes to prove “Slime Balls stick together”. It seems we have more Slime Balls than we do Ethical Politicians – if there was ever such a thing. Where the hell is Superman when ya need him. Congress needs an Enema before they all have shit for brains.

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  31. Absolutely I agree CFS patients do not speak with one voice. I’ve tried to make it clear that the people who worry me are a particular — and particularly vocal — subset of patients, but if I didn’t, then I apologize. I am very happy to know rational and critical thinking people with CFS and other chronic illnesses (such as your fellow commenters on this post!).It’s simply far too early to be assuming causation or even expecting it when there’s barely any correlation yet. But I am a skeptic not a cynic, and if the science winds up proving both, I will be thrilled to embrace that.

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  49. , "You're a strange one." Another sometimes outright laughs at me. (And I'm not even 'out there'.) It used to cause me to quench my creativity, but now it fuels my creative fire. Anyway, thanks for multitudinous days of blog fun, beauty and learning.You wanted to honor the people who take the time to stop in and comment, so if that's your goal, um…I'm not trying to weasel in on those this was intended for. However, if you are just going to draw and leave it at that, yay beautiful hat!

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  51. Cindy (86)-Exactly. I’m on the board of our local Vo-Tech, and even in the current climate, we’re placing our grads in good jobs and/or seeing them further their educations in meaningful ways (as in, not following a liberal arts path at Beer Bong State).Ground everybody in physical sciences and vocational training. Once it reaches critical mass, you now have thinking people producing goods and services of tangible value.Any other path is a very expensive jerk-off.

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  54. Hallo dear MaritI saw everything and it is so nice. I love these dresses and you're right: the knitted jackets are lovely. And what about your apron with cupcakes and the real ones? and your Easter with sons..everything sweet and, as always, giving me the desire to come back to Norwaymany hugsChiara

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  66. Thanks for your substantive argument and fact-based rebuttal.Your childish insults only damage the reputation of sincere conservatives who wouldn’t want to be associated with morons who can’t articulate a coherent opinion. So please, keep it up.

  67. Thank you, Cat. The burdens that we're leaving to the next generation are not limited to financial debt. How many wounded? How much labor to help bear the pain? How many more homeless vets? It hurts.

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  71. CStanley At the heart of this though is CStanley's observation that any government-run health care plan must ration care, diagnostics and treatments just as much and probably more than current private insurers.Thank you for introducing some rationality, DaGoat.And why anyone thinks this will magically happen in the best interest of the patients instead of being subject to the selfish interests of those who are making the decisions when government is involved is beyond me. All this does is add another middleman.

  72. Conrad Murray is going from being a rich doctor with lots of babes to the big house with lots of ugly dudes. Suicide is on his mind.As far as Big Daddy Cain I know I took my conspiracy hat off long ago I think conservatives do have a point that when a conservative brother starts doing well some sexual bs comes up. Could they be right that there is a left wing conspiracy to derail these dudes? Tim Scott and Alan West better hide them texts.

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  74. George commented also about talking with his sponsor along the lines of weeds. I didn’t realize until reading your post that, of course, weeds are a great analogy to our lives!So, when I return home in a couple of days and see those things boldly blossoming – thinking they’re safe cuz I’m gone – I’m not giving them a second glance (maybe).

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  244. Doubtful. Our geniuses appeared randomly through time up until civilization allowed for a series of civilizations that were all stable at the right time. After all, it doesn't matter if there was an Einstein among the Amerindian tribes right when the small pox and influenza epidemics were busy eradicating these peoples. And a genius could exist in Somalia… and have been gunned down or put to death by militants. (Or even ended up a pirate and used that genius to evade capture.)Rob H.

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