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  33. Lindsey: Thank you. I wish I knew why fear holds such sway. It’s an instinct on steroids, so overgrown and now more harmful than helpful. But the course is fun, challenging and worthwhile, I’m finding.

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  50. Charlotte- Just what I needed to hear! It never ceases to amaze me that the Lord cares about all the “little” things in our lives….like me being down over not seeing much inch loss in the last week, even though I’ve felt better than I have in years, and had tons more energy. Thanks for helping me put it into perspective- “Slow results are still results”Nanci

  51. I missed last week but I’m here this week. Dont’ you just love that bright yellow!? I want to reach through the screen, pick up that highlighter and highlight something! :-D

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  65. To both Stephanie and Julia, Thank you so much for answering. If I could back, I would have definitely taken the precautions a lot more seriously. And yes, I’ve wet wiped just about every surface multiple times since moving back in. You know, you two are pretty amazing. The majority of people I know and have spoken to could care less about lead/safety, but nowadays it’s the first thing I think about before starting any project.

  66. , AKS does not have Bachchan’s , Hrithik , SRK , Aamir so why is everyone so interested in this piece of crap?’Yea there is some truth in that….but then is that what the whole of Bollywood is about, just 4 actors. More than anything the media has made a Hrithik out of Himesh here, suggesting all this crap.Anyhow, I think Tango has explained the situation and the flow of events makes sense to me. The FI numbers will confirm alot till then its a note or a disclaimer that the number may change IMO.

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  72. Awesome! No, I did not guess. I was sure it was the gallery manager. Ummm poor Billy and Charlie…the trials they had to suffer through for the sake of justice… Love this!

  73. Have you actually watched the video? Are you claiming that somehow the poor performance which Kevin demonstrates above is just “made up”?That’s a pretty serious accusation, and I’d like to see you back it up.

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  86. Geez… by heart, i hate the Dynamo, but with ever passing Dallas offseason I find it harder and harder to justify why I’m rooting for the “other” Texas team …We better get something other then a 1st Rounder.

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  90. Ghost of VW,You've made the case so well I have nothing to add.Breedists are either dead stupid or, like Lawrence Auster's correspondent, want their group to breed for political advantage.

  91. Hi – I am that ‘first client’ Matt refers too! Matt’s a programming genius and he’s being way too modest. Even as a teenager (him that is!), I learned way more from him than he did from me! I’m glad to say we’re still friends and it’s great to see him getting on so well in his career and personal life.

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  248. Oh Cynthia! I shared your pain sister!!You know what they say…start off on the wrong foot in the beginning means you will experience joy throughout your stay. We miss you terribly. I have yet to find another with a great sense of humor here. I must keep looking. Love you.

  249. Wow Vix, I cannot believe you were her!! So different!! The NEW you looks divinely happy and richer for it in so many more ways. You look the picture of health now. And being dark seriously suits you more than natural blonde. WOW!! Love you in the NZ red do. Enjoy your weekend ♥

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